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Reese is the oldest child of Carmelo Overton and Raul Overton. She lives in Windenburg at the Overton family home with her parents and her brother, Mike Overton.




Reese as a toddler was extremely easy to take care of. She had the charmer trait, so she was always babbling up a storm at the family get-togethers and weddings. Reese quickly maxed out her imagination skill and became best buds with her giant stuffed dog, Sunny. Her grandma, Evelina, always gave her flowers and decorated her room with them. Always seeing Reese surrounded with flowers, and constantly wearing the shade of yellow coined her the nickname "Sunflower" by her immediate family. She wasn't an only toddler for long, as her dads quickly adopted her younger brother, Mike Overton, after her to ensure she had a sibling.


Since aging up, Reese has excelled at elementary school and quickly begun completing the 'Social Butterfly' childhood aspiration. Reese and her second cousin, Gracie Valenzuela, have become very close friends and are always bragging about their grades to her brother. Reese has also begun researching into mermaids and is attempting to find out if they are real or not... which is something that both her fathers have concluded is just a phase, and they have told Reese that mermaids are 100% fictional characters, much like the ones that they have written themselves. Reese just isn't quite sure about that. Reese and her brother have a very wholesome relationship, they talk about everything with each other, help each other with their school projects, and if one of them is gonna sneak out and have fun around their neighborhood, then they both are going to.