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Raul Overton lives in Windenburg with his husband, Carmelo Overton, and his two children Reese and Mike. He and his old roommate, Madden Benton used to live together in Willow Creek.




Current Aspiration: Best-Selling Author

Traits: Self-Assured, Loves Outdoors, Cheerful

Teenage Years

Before moving in with Carmelo and his family, Raul lived in Willow Creek with his housemate, Madden Benton. That is actually how Madden and Madisyn met, through Raul.

Young Adulthood

When Raul met Carmelo in their late teens/early adulthood, Raul was working as an astronaut and continued to do so well into their relationship. What Raul didn't realize upon meeting Carmelo was that he was the man he would plan on spending the rest of his life with. When Raul and Carmelo decided to adopt Reese Overton, Raul quit his job as an astronaut and became a writer, as he can stay at home and make money off royalties should he wish to. Not too long after adopting Reese, Raul and Carmelo adopted another child, Mike Overton. Raul witnessed Carmelo get nominated for the Starlight Accolade of "Best Book" before he was, which was surprising as writing is more of a side job to for Carmelo. Raul was obviously a little hurt seeing his husband nominated for a book award before he was, but his time eventually came and Raul Overton is the proud owner of a Starlight Accolade of "Best Book."

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